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Horned, winged and grim (CD, Fistbang records/War Production 2018)

1 - The Horror (intro) 2 - Her eyes 3 - Epitaph on the cenotaph 4 - Motherfucker of Grand Cross 5 - The River in the Middle 6 - The Blade and the Hungry 7 - Blue Devil 8 - Amputation (arms and legs) 9 - Nameless Occultist 10 - Dracul 11 - L’orrore (outro)

Released by Moribund Records. The band has prepared a limited 50 copies package: album in black velvet bag with embroided patch.


THE HORROR - figure del terrore


THE HORROR - figure del terrore

THE HORROR - figure del terrore





Horned, winged and grim (CD, Fistbang records/War Production 2018)

1 - Endless Wrath
2 - Dying Alone
3 - Aemathien (Live)
4 - Let The Napalm Rain (Live)

5 - Motherfucker of Grand Cross
6 - Amputation
7 - Her Eyes
8 - Lustful skin (demo)
9 - Black profanation of death (cover)

Released by Fistbang Records and War Productions.
OLTRETOMBA: Unreleased tracks recorded in 2015 with bonus tracks.
DARKNESS: Unreleased tracks recorded in 2014 with bonus tracks.

In memory of M.


Horned, winged and grim


THE HORROR - figure del terrore






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THE DEATH - schieràti con la morte (CD, Fistbang records 2014)

01. Descending the crypt (intro)
02. Crash the disincarnated
03. The altar of succubus
04. Damnation forth
05. Ashes to dust
06. Silence... people are dying!
07. Lustful skin
08. To turn a storm to god
09. Cult of the shadows
10. No future
11. They are coming

Released by Fistbang Records, the band has prepared a limited 100 copies package: handmade leatherette dust jacket, mini poster and a grave candle with logo.

VIDEO: First trailer, second trailer

ITA: Metallo Italiano (Top Album), Metalitalia, Eraskor, Hate Propaganda, Nocturnal Poisoning, Metalhead, Hypnos, Heavy Metal Heaven, Italia di Metallo.
ENG: Orthodox Blackmetal, Unholy Black Metal, Witching Metal, Occult Blackmetal, Concrete Web, Metal Temple.
SPA: Black Metal Spirit
GRE: Rock Overdose


THE DEATH - schieràti con la morte



limited edition


LUSTFUL SKIN (Single, Mystical prods. 2013)

01. Lustful Skin (pre mix)
02. Ashes to dust (first take)

03. Black Profanation of Death (Death SS Medley) 
04. Damnation Forth
05. The Altar of Succubus
06. They are Coming
07. Lustful Skin
08. Cult of The Shadows
09. No Future
10. Silence...People are Dying!

* Live recordings
** Rehearsal recordings

This single contains the song as pre-mix version and 'Ashes to dust' first take. In this release have been also included the official videoclip and some bonus tracks (live and reharsal recordings). 50 handnumbered copies, vinyl cd in 7'' sleeve, comes with band's "inverted cross" keychan, not to be sold separately.


OLTRETOMBA - Lustful Skin

Lustful Skin

Lustful Skin

Lustful Skin


CROSS THE BONES (Demo tape 2012)

01. Lustful skin
02. Cult of the shadows
03. No future
04. Damnation forth
05. Silence... people are dying!

Handnumbered 99 tapes. Recorded in 2011, mixed in 2012 at 'Mystical Cave'.
Position chrome recommended.


OLTRETOMBA - Cross the bones


Cross the bones

DEMO 2008 (Demo tape 2008)

01. Lustful skin
02. Damnation forth
03. Cult of the shadows

Out of stock.

This recording contains a rehearsal of the first 3 tracks composed for the demo tape. Never distributed though other resellers.


OLTRETOMBA - Demo 2008