File name: NECROLOGY 2014

[LIVE SHOW] 12th of November at Hibou Club (Chantillon, AO) and 13th at Rock'n'Roll Club (Saint-Christophe, AO).
FINAL DEATH KNELLS: venues with Bhagavat and more...

Final Death Knells

[LIVE SHOW] 7th of November at Ride'n'Roll Club (Chieti Scalo, CH).
FUMO E ZOLFO: venue with Sulfur.

Fumo e Zolfo

[LIVE SHOW] 10th of October at KM 298 (Lodi, MI).
IN OCTOBER NIGHTSHADE: venue with Fosch.

In October Nightshade

[LIVE SHOW] 9th of August at THE JUNGLE (Cascina, PI).
FAUST EXTREME FEST IV: venue with Venom, Archgoat, Hobb's Angel of Death and more...

Faust Extreme Fest IV

[LIVE SHOW] 30th of April at CYCLE CLUB (Calenzano, FI).
HOLY EASTER METAL FEST: venue with Taake and more...

Holy Eastern Metal Fest

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Our bassist Cochise left the band due to personal reasons. We will continue as a duo, both live and studio.

Falco and L.D.

[NEW RELEASE] "THE DEATH - schierĂ ti con la morte" has been released the 20th of March 2014 by Fistbang Records. 11 tracks from the beyond: here are some trailers: Announcement, Release date.

THE DEATH - schierĂ ti con la morte

[NEW RELEASE] ...In the meantime, Mystical Prods has released the single "Lustful skin" as a limited edition with bonus tracks and a personal gift included for the followers. Taste it with the official videoclip on Youtube or check Last Wills section

Lustful Skin


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