DARKNESS/OLTRETOMBA: Horned, winged and grim (CD)


Split cd with Darkness (Ita). Fistbang Records and War Production 2018.

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SIDE DARKNESS: Two unreleased studio tracks and two live tracks, never released versions taken from their first and only live show.

SIDE OLTRETOMBA: Three unreleased tracks recorded in 2015, one original track taken from the first official demo tape and a cover/medley (Death SS) taken from the 2013 single.

FRONT COVER ARTWORK realized by Marco De Rosa (M.), carving a black paper with a knife.

We were working on this split together, between 2016/2017, closing the whole artwork with him.
M. did spread and yet is spreading out a lot of great material, he was a prime element in the italian underground scene.

For everything he did, and for all the things we won’t be able to create together anymore.




  1. Darkness – Endless Wrath (unreleased)
  2. Darkness – Dying Alone (unreleased)
  3. Darkness – Aemathien (live)
  4. Darkness – Let the Napalm Rain (live)
  5. Oltretomba – Motherfucker of Grand Cross (unreleased)
  6. Oltretomba – Amputation (unreleased)
  7. Oltretomba – Her Eyes (unreleased)
  8. Oltretomba – Lustful skin (demo)
  9. Oltretomba – Black profanation of death (Death SS cover/medley)

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