Lustful Skin – CD single


CD in vinyl style, 45″ case. 50 hand-numbered copies. Comes with a black inverted cross keychan with logo.

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This single contains a pre-mix version of the song, along with the first take of “Ashes to dust” and some bonus tracks.
A video track with “Lustful skin” official clip is also included.
One of the bonus tracks is a medley of three Death SS songs: Black and violet, Provanation, Chains of death.



1. Lustful Skin (pre-mix)
2. Ashes to Dust (first take)
3. Black Profanation of Death (Death SS cover medley)
4. Damnation Forth (live)
5. The Altar of Succubus (live)
6. They Are Coming (live)
7. Lustful Skin (rehearsal)
8. Cult of the Shadows (rehearsal)
9. No Future (rehearsal)
10. Silence… People Are Dying! (rehearsal)