File name: EPITAPH

2018/2019 - Signing the contract with Moribund Records for next works, the second full-lenght "THE HORROR - figure del terrore" is scheduled for the 5th of april.

2015/2017 - The band focuses on recocordings for new tracks. A first recording session prepares the tracklist which is used for the split cd with Darkness "Horned, winged and grim". Unfortunately, the release date is delayed and in the meantime M. from Darkness passes away; the cd is out at the end of 2018 in his memory. In the same period, Oltretomba signs the contract with Moribund Records, which suddenly announces the release of the second full-lenght which has been recorded the previous year.

2013/2014 - Afterwards, starts some collaborations like the one with Imperialismo Pagano, which takes to the deal with Fistbang Records for a full-lenght named "THE DEATH - schieràti con la morte". It will contain a final version of old and new songs. In the meantime Mystical Prods prepares the single and the first videoclip with the first live show of the band (combo line-up; some tracks included as bonus in the single). A personal limited edition will be distributed by the band in a special package: handmade leatherette dust jacket, mini poster and a grave candle with logo.

2011/2012 - The band becomes more active when Falco joins as drummer. Soon after Cochise enters as bass player for this first period. The official debut demo is "Cross the Bones" available on tape only.

2007/2008 - Oltretomba officially borns as solo phoject to record some material written by L.D.; three tracks are recorded as rehearsal named "Demo 2008".

Yet, Oltretomba play RETROGARDE METAL (not to be confused with the better-known Avantgarde Metal). You won't find anything modern nor refined in here, actually you'll be pleased by gratuitous blasphemy, excesses, boldness, not-giving-a-fuck attitude, vomit, ignorance, human remains.

Last, but not least: Oltretomba means total intolerance.